Appling Jury Find Man Guilty for Trafficking Methamphetamine
State v. Brandon Oneal King

September 6, 2022

District Attorney Keith Higgins announces that Brandon Oneal King, 33, of Baxley, was found guilty in a criminal jury trial that took place on August 31, 2022, in Appling County Superior Court.

King was convicted of Trafficking Methamphetamine following an incident that occurred on December 3, 2020 in Baxley, GA. On that date, officers with the Baxley Police Department were called to a domestic incident at the Donnie Lane Villas that involved King. During the investigation of the incident, a search warrant was obtained for King’s truck, which he had driven to the scene of the domestic incident. During the search of the inside of the truck, officers found a box containing a scale, plastic bags, currency, and 34.875 grams of methamphetamine. Defendant King took the stand at trial and admitted that the box was his, but argued that someone had moved it from another location in the vehicle and had put the methamphetamine, scale, bags and currency inside the box.

Assistant District Attorney Hunter Smith prosecuted the case in Appling County Superior Court, and the jury deliberated approximately two hours before they found the defendant guilty of Trafficking Methamphetamine. Following the deliberations, Superior Court Judge Stephen D. Kelley sentenced King to 30 years, serve 20 in prison, and fined him $200,000.00. Additional charges of Burglary and Aggravated Battery were Nol Prosed by the State prior to trial.

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