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Brunswick Man Convicted of 2023 Aggravated Assault at Local Hotel
State v. David Lee, Sr.

May 28, 2024

District Attorney Keith Higgins announces that on May 22, 2024, David Lee, Sr., 56, of Brunswick, GA, was found guilty by a Glynn County jury of one count of Aggravated Assault. The jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict as to the second count of Aggravated Assault, so a mistrial was declared as to that count by Chief Superior Court Judge Stephen G. Scarlett, Sr. Sentencing in the case is withheld until June 18th.

The evidence presented at trial showed that on November 20, 2023, the victim was involved in a relationship with the defendant and attempted to end it as the relationship had become abusive. At the time they resided at the Oleander Hotel in Brunswick. The victim attempted to rent another room to create some distance between herself and the defendant. She asked him for her credit card to rent another room when the defendant struck her in the face with a closed fist. At that time, she was on her bike, and he continued to strike her until she fell off the bike.

The assault occurred in the parking lot of the Oleander Hotel and was captured on surveillance camera at the hotel. On the video the defendant is seen striking the victim several times in the head with a closed fist and his feet. He also grabs her head and hits it onto the pavement several times. He then bites the victim on the side of her face and finger. A neighbor comes out, grabs a broom from the bed of a truck and hits the defendant with it, to help the victim. The defendant, unphased, continued to assault the victim. The neighbor then got in between the defendant and the victim brandishing the broom and telling the defendant the police were on the way. Several people who witnessed the attack called 911 and the Brunswick Police Department responded.

According to Assistant District Attorney R. Ada Zeno, who prosecuted the case for the State, “Domestic violence is often hidden behind closed doors, making it one of the most insidious crimes. It usually thrives on silence and fear; but this verdict breaks that silence and sends a message that our community will not tolerate such behavior.”

Sentencing in this case has been withheld until June 18, 2024. David Lee Sr. faces a possible punishment of up to 20 years in prison.

Members of the media with further questions may contact the Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office at 912-554-7200.